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Maegon, Breton, Tarine and Shemin - Gods who rules Cryon
Tyrant Delinom - ruler of Dramar who run away and attacks Cryon
Amardon - leader of Elger, later - king of Cryon (after Delinom's death~)
Edel - son of Amardon and Shemin
Hagal - Amardon's friend

I tried to abridge songs till 2-3 lines :ohnoes: But you always can read full lyrics.

Part I - Reign of Elements =>…

This story about world called Cryon, which created by Great Spirits (Viviathans) and ruled by four Element Gods (Maegon, Breton, Shemin and Tarine (Shemin and Tarine - women)). In the northern part of the Cryon there was an area called Dramar. A place where Gods could send all evil people and criminals. Great warriors of the Cryon guard on the border so none of the criminals could return in the Cryon.
Dramar's ruler was Tyrant Delinom. Gods sent him to Dramar because he caused a riot in the village called Elger and killed many people there. Delinom tried to escape from Dramar through the Maze of darkness (barely passable region behind the Dramar) but he noticed that he always returns back to Dramar. One time when he tried to escape to the Maze of darkness he stumbled (lol) and found a magical sword. This sword gave him powers and he was stronger than anyone else in Dramar. Delinom noticed that escaping from Dramar was impossible and the only way out was to attack to the Cryon. Delinom hated the Gods because they sent him to Dramar. He craved for vengeance. Delinom trained some of the prisoners into warriors.

He attacks the Cryon and destroy guards [CHARGE]
After this he ride to Fedoria town and kill God Maegon [REVENGE]
Delinom research Maegons notes and find black book where he read about magical sword which created by Viviathans and will unite all four powers. Delinom understand that it's sword which he found. Delinom send message to Gods from Maegon's name to meet them in Dale and go there as Maegon [Sword of salvation]
Gods gather in Dale. Delinom kill them and unite their powers. But wounded Shemin run away [Reign of elements]
Shemin try to reach to Andoria town where she can contact with Viviathans. She lost and find herself in Elger village. There Shemin meet Amardon, leader of Elger, and he decide to help her and lead her to Andoria [Lost in deliverance]
In Andoria Shemin contact with Viviathans. They creates sword and shield from the magical Stones. Amardon take it and Shemin send him to Graynell town where God Breton left his warriors. Amardon travels to Graynell and collect his troops [The Sword and the Shield]
On battlefield Amardon meet Delinom and recognize in him his own brother. Amardon remember that he raised riot and when died his wife. He kill Delinom [Battle of oblivion]
Evil destroyed, Amardon and Shemin fall in love and they become King and Queen of Cryon [Kingdom]

Part II - Legacy of Hate =>…

Amardon and Shemin rule the land of the Cryon from Sendell. After the death of Delinom the four elementary stones and the magical sword appeared to the Dale, and Amardon and Shemin went there to collect them. They have tried to destroy the stones and the sword but it has turned impossible so they had to hide them to a secret place so no one couldn't find them. Viviathans haven't answered after the Delinom's defeat even if Shemin has tried to contact them from the altar many times.
Years passed and Amardon and Shemin had a son, and named him Edel, now Edel is 8 years old.
They are worried about him because there is strange rumors in the town about their son being evil. One day Shemin got enough about the rumors and travelled to Andoria with Edel, where lived the best prophets of the Cryon. One of the prophets told that Edel had somekind of a plague which has infected the Amardon's whole generic, but will make changes to only few of the men in the family, and Edel was one of them. The prophet couldn't help Edel but was sure that someday he will do something evil if Shemin couldn't find the way to cure him. Shemin realized that Delinom did have the same plague that was now infected his own son too. Shemin told this toAmardon and they both travelled to Andoria. They went to the altar and prayed help from the Spirits.
Amardon and Shemin were surprised because this time the Viviathans really answered, only the connection was somekind of different. Amardon and Shemin told everything to the Viviathans, how Amardon managed to win Delinom in a battle, and how they have tried to destroy the stones and the sword without success and of course about their twisted son Edel, who would need some help from the Viviathans for the plague what he is carrying.
The Viviathans told to them that the only way to destroy the stones and the sword, would be when they are used. The person who has the force must be brought to the altar. Then with help from the Viviathans, altar will dispel the stones in to it's columns and after that someone must hit the sword to the altar. Then when the power is in the altar The Spirits promise to take the evil plague away from Amardon's generic. The person who will get the power must be a good and loyal to
Amardon and Shemin, so he wouldn't try to use the force wrong. Amardon know a perfect person who could help them and use the force from the stones. Amardon closest friend Hagal from those times when Amardon was the leader of the village Elger.
Amardon and Shemin travel to Elger to meet Hagal and after long consideration Hagal promises to take the quest and help them. Together Amardon, Shemin and Hagal travel to get the stones and the sword from the hide place and travel to the Dale where the stones and the sword must be united to the person. When they get to the Dale Shemin sets all the stones to their places and Amardon gives the magical sword to Hagal. Hagal goes to the centre of the stones and hit the sword in to the ground.

Hagal use great power but he can't control it. Shemin hear Viviathans who tell her that they in danger [Unbreakable]
Shemin hear Viviathans in her dreams. They explain that voices on altar were wrong. They tell that once they created very strong land but something went wrong. Creatures were evil. Then Gods created Cryon like shelter for Stones and Sword but when it used evil race knew about it [Dreams]
Also they say to prepare to fight because now evil race knew where stones and sword and they will come with a great army [Breed from the land unknown]
Amardon head to the troops and fight against evil race (Reptilians). He must protect stones and sword (and Hagal too because he use it lol) [Army of the universe]
Battle continues. Hagal is wounded and Viviathans say Amardon that he must ride to Dale where stones must appear [Settlement]
Amardon take stones and search shelter for it. He give it to Shemin [Shelter]
Shemin hide stones but Edel see it. His eyes and voice change. Shemin understand that blood from enemies controlling her son. Edel say strange things and push her to the floor. He can't control himself and he don't understand what he do. Edel take stones and go away. He understand that he should to stop but he can't because Voice in his head [Legacy of hate Pt.I]
Edel run through battlefield. He suffer from voices in his head. Voice tell him that he should leave. Edel see one of ship of Reptilians and go there. Amardon fight and suddenly he see Edel in ship's window. He try to stop ship but it's impossible. Of course Amardon shocked :( He return to home and see wounded Shemin. She tell him about Edel [Legacy of hate Pt.II]

© All information, characters and story belongs to Celesty band.
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